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A circular walk of about 3 miles moderate walking. Follows some of the most ancient byways in Elmswell.

From the station, walk along Station Road and right into School Road. Take the first left into Rose Lane, an unadopted road which used to be the rail branch line linking the Station to the brickworks at Woolpit. At the end of the lane the path meanders to the left, well walked and easy to see, with O.C. Jewers' works on the left and Pightle Close across the field on the right. Between the fences, that's the telephone exchange on the right, and across Church Road to follow Footpath 16 as marked, down spog Lane(a "spog" was a "drif" or narrow spit of land).

Follow the lane as it curves gently to the right but stop short of the private drive and go left between the laurel hedges into the field. See the footpath sign indicating a diagonal path across a small field to a gap in the hedge line and continue this diagonal line to meet with the bridge over the ditch. Keep to the diagonal line over the third field, as indicated by the footpath marker directing you into a small wooed area. The new wildlife area is being developed on the right hand side of the path which takes you over a stream and follows the boundary of the water treatment works all the way to Kiln Lane.

Turn left along Kiln Lane - an extremely ancient way, probably pre-historic and cross Warren Lane, following the finger post indicating footpath 22.Sandy Lane, an ancient right of way which passes between open fields and between two lone oak trees that mark a medieval path that once crossed here but is long since disappeared. When you reach the Warren Mill House on the left, turn left keeping the hedge and outhouse to your right to the marker post directing you along the line of the telegraph poles straight ahead towards Wetherden Road. This is the boundary line between Elmswell and Wetherden and has marked the important boundaries for many hundreds of years.

At the Wetherden Road turn right keeping to the right hand side of the road to face the oncoming traffic for about 100 yards to see a stile on the left hand side allowing access to the set aside land . There is a claim currently being processed to remove the barb wired which prevents access to the ancient path directly linking with the Parish Boundary path. When this is determined there should be no need for this dangerous diversion.

Once on the set aside, follow the fence line to your left and keep going over several stiles to meet the railway. Here the path officially crosses the track, but the farmer is working with the Parish council a safer route. Stay on this side and follow the line of the railway along the well worn path up the steps and over the bridge. Continue along the track towards the houses and into the estate following the pavement across to a metal finger post directing you down the gravel path between the houses and Thurlow Nunn Standen. This leads back to Ashfield Road: turn left and back to the station.