edit.jpg (25406 bytes) Yet another look to the site and hopefully the last!

I hope you all like the new content and find that It's useful in some way. I have tried to keep everything as "neutral" as possible so to appeal to the most visitors and give Elmswell the portal that it deserves. The future really depends on you, as my family and work commitments do not give me the time to trawl for new information to add to what is already here. So please, if there is something that you think is relevant or important to Elmswell, then mail me on broadband@elmswell.net. I have had mail from all over the world which has spurred me into action to improve the site, but I can't do any more without help.

If there are any shops, clubs, etc. that would like to be featured or perhaps add or change what is already here, then drop me a line as I would be happy to help. This site will either develop or stagnate depending on the feedback I get.