The Baptist Church
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Elmswell Baptist Church began life in a tent, erected on what is today the car park of Thurlow Nunn and Standen. Their mission was conducted by two Wetherden sisters, Miss Caroline and Elizabeth Duffield Watts, sometime prior to 1884.

So successful was The Mission that in 1884 a small corrugated sheet metal church was built, which was in turn was replaced by the current church in 1887. It's membership was in the region of 90 people and Sunday school was equally well attended. It remained a Mission church up until 1922 when it became a member of the Baptist Union.

The congregation today is somewhat smaller, but dispite it's size is still as active as ever.

Trailblazers no longer meet Sunday mornings. This has been replaced by the CU at CU on Tuesday evenings at 6pm for 5 to 13 year olds. Meetings during school term time only.

Contact:- Tony Cock Tel: 01359 241541